Alfardan Group Holding Co Llc
Company Description

Alfardan Group has achieved extraordinary corporate success and set high benchmarks for Qatar’s business community. Built around traditional family values and an uncompromising commitment to integrity, premium service and social responsibility, the Group is renowned for delivering luxury products and services while providing the best possible experience for its customers across a wide range of industries.

Contact Details

44408415 - Finance
Alfardan Centre, Grand Hamad Street
CITY : DohaP.O.Box : 9948
Omar Hussain Alfardan - President & C E O
Madan Manjeshwar - Chief Financial Controller
Arige Abukishk - Communications & Public Relations Manager
Fahad Hussain Alfardan - Director
Ghassan Farra - I T Manager
K C Dalal - Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Osama El Namla - Government Relations Director
Ali Hussain Alfardan - Vice Chairman
Roger Malki - Legal Director
Aisha Alfardan - Personal Advisor To The Chairman
Fayad Khatib - Chief Development Officer
Hussain Ibrahim Alfardan - Chairman
Wael Jamal - H R Manager
Main Service Centre - Alfardan Automobiles Co
Alfardan Exchange
Alfardan Jewellery Co Llc
Alfardan Properties Co Soc
Alfardan Investment Co Soc
Associates & Affiliates:
Ghadah Jewellery Co Soc
B M W Showroom - Alfardan Automobiles Co
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Showroom
Ferrari / Maserati Showroom - Alfardan Sports Motors
M I N I Showroom - Alfardan Automobiles Co
B M W Premium Selection Showroom ( Used Cars ) - Alfardan Automobiles Co.
Khalifa Town Service Branch - Afaco.
Alfardan Marine Services Co ( Soc )
Executive Office
Finance - Alfardan Automobiles Co & Alfardan Sports Motors Co
Alfardan Automobiles
Rolls - Royce Motor Cars Doha
Jaguar / Land Rover Aftersales Facility ( Main Service Center )
Khalifa Town Service Br - Alfardan Premier Motors Co
Alfardan Sports Motors Company
Main Service Centre - Alfardan Sports Motors
Alfardan Motorcycles
B M W Motorrad / K T M / Ducati / Triumph / Piaggio / Vespa / Gilera / Aprilia / Sand - X / Dainese / Husqvarna / Moto Guzzi / Arctic Cat / Alpine Stars Showroom
Service Centre..
Alfardan Hospitality Co Llc
B M W Showroom. - Alfardan Automobiles Co
Service Centre : See Alfardan Automobiles - Main Service Centre
Almanara Trdg Co Soc
Finance - Alfardan Premier Motors & Prestige Cars Co
Automotive Operations
Land Rover Showroom - Alfardan Premier Motors Co
Jaguar Showroom - Alfardan Premier Motors Co
Jaguar / Land Rover Approved Showroom ( Used Cars ) - Alfardan Premier Motors Co.
Auto Future Tech ( Soc ) - Castrol Oil & Continental Outlet
Transparency Qatar Co ( Wll )
Alfardan Hospitality Co Soc
The St. Regis Doha
Wahat Al Shaflahia Soc
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