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A distinguished name in the field of construction specialties since 1995, CMTC has been a supplier and applicator of an integrated range of building products. The dynamic structure of the company along with its emphasis on service and attention to detail, while continuously widening its client and product base, has made it a success story. CMTC carries out a range of other tasks that are carried out by a team of qualified professionals who work on the basis of close coordination with clients. - Basement and Tunnel Waterproofing - Roof Waterproofing - Tank Lining and Waterproofing - Bridge Deck Waterproofing - Swimming Pools Waterproofing - Industrial Flooring Systems - Concrete Repair And Strengthening System - Passive Fire Protection Systems CMTC prides itself on a record of successfully completed projects. It has built its reputation on carrying jobs on time and within budget. CMTC mission has always been to provide quality services along with competitive prices in order to meet the needs of its customers.

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Bldg No. 125, Al Amir St. No. 251, Zone No. 55
CITY : DohaP.O.Box : 32321
8.00-1.00/2.30-6.00 : SAT - WED | 8.00AM-1.30PM : THUR
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