International Antennas Company
Company Description

International Antennas Co., Qatar is a leading com- pany providing high-tech solutions for IT communication systems for prestigious projects in this emerging market. We proudly repre- sent industry leaders in products and services such as Interactive TV system, IPTV, Data Network, Back- ground Music system, Audio Visual system, Digital Signage system etc. all from European origin. To explore the wonders of our com- pany in depth, why not look at our website

Contact Details

4486663 - Office No
30534294 - IT Person
44866632 - Office No
44888229 - Office no
Office No:79, Al Gharrafa Complex, Thani Bin Jassim Street, Doha, Qatar
CITY : DuhailP.O.Box : 24379
Bilal Mohammaed - IT Person
Saturday - Thursday 9:00 A.M -5:00 P.M
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